Seminar Guarded Logics and Automata

WS 2017/18


  • Students with a subject in mathematics can apply by writing an email to seminar [AT] including their name, immatriculation no., subject of studies, no. of semesters of studies, and information about relevant modules they have passed (especially lectures from our group).
  • Students in computer science need to apply via the central assignment of seminar places.


The talks are given at the end of the semester in a block in german or english in our seminar room (4116, E1, Ahornstr. 55).

Length of a talk: 30 minutes.

  • Monday, 05. February
  • Wednesday, 07. February


12.12.17First version of your paper
10.01.18Final version
05.02. / 07.02.Talks (our seminar room 4116)


Montag, 05. Februar
10:0010:40Miriam WagnerGuarded fragments and bisimulation invariance
10:4011:20Isabel KlöterDecidability, complexity and FMP of GF
11:2012:00Isabelle GlasmacherCharacterization Theorem for GF
13:0013:40Domenic QuirlDecidability of full μ-calculus
Mittwoch, 07. Februar
11:0011:40Leon BohnFinite satisfiability of full μ-calculus
11:4012:20Timo SchummBisimulation invariant MSO corresponds to μ-calculus
12:2013:00Marcel StrohmannBisimulation invariant GSO corresponds to μGF
13:0013:40Lars BeckersGuarded Negation
Donnerstag, 15. März
11:0011:30Alina IbachInterpolation and Beth-Definability


Guarded fragments and bisimulation invarianceMiriam WagnerM. Hoelzel[GO14, ANB98]
Decidability, complexity and FMP of GFIsabel KlöterS. Schalthöfer[Gr99d, Hod02]
Characterization Theorem for GFIsabelle GlasmacherM. Hoelzel[Gr02, ANB98]
Interpolation and Beth-DefinabilityAlina IbachS. Schalthöfer[HMO99, HM02]
Decidability of full μ-calculusDomenic QuirlR. Wilke[Var98]
Decidability of μGFPhillip WhittingtonR. Wilke[GW99]
Finite satisfiability of full μ-calculusLeon BohnR. Wilke[Boj02]
Bisimulation invariant MSO corresponds to μ-calculusTimo SchummF. Reinhardt[JW96]
Bisimulation invariant GSO corresponds to μGFMarcel StrohmannF. Reinhardt[GHO02]
Guarded NegationLars BeckersK. Dannert[BCS11, CL13]



  • Informatik (B.Sc.)/Seminare
  • Informatik (B.Sc.)/Zusätzliche Veranstaltungen
  • Informatik (M.Sc.)/Theoretische Informatik
  • Mathematik (B.Sc.)
  • Mathematik (M.Sc.)/Reine Mathematik
  • Mathematik (GYM+GS,BK,SII)/Mathematik
  • TK 2. Fach-Grundlagen der Informatik (M.Sc.)/Seminar


  • Module Mathematical Logic
  • Basic knowledge in the field automata theory
  • for B.Sc. Computer Science: Module "Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Proseminar)"


Erich Grädel, Matthias Hoelzel, Frederic Reinhardt, Svenja Schalthöfer, Richard Wilke