Seminar Logic, Complexity, Games: Logics for Reasoning about Uncertainty, Dependence and Independence

WS 2019/20


All students can apply by writing an email to seminar [AT] including their name, immatriculation no., subject of studies, no. of semesters of studies, and information about relevant modules they have passed (especially lectures from our group).


We survey logical formalisms that are designed to reason about knowledge or uncertain, unreliable, random or simply unknown data. Thereby we encounter different concepts such as knowledge representation, games with imperfect information and modern logics of dependence and independence.


[FaginHMV95] R. Fagin, J. Y. Halpern, Y. Moses, and M. Y. Vardi. Reasoning about Knowledge. MIT Press, 1995.
[Halpern:2003:RU:954556] J. Y. Halpern. Reasoning About Uncertainty. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2003.


  • Mathematik (B.Sc.)/Seminare
  • Informatik (B.Sc.)/Seminare
  • Informatik (M.Sc.)/Seminar Theoretische Informatik
  • Mathematik (M.Sc.)/Seminar: Logik, Komplexität, Spiele (Reine Mathematik)


  • Module Mathematical Logic
  • for B.Sc. Computer Science: Module "Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Proseminar)"


Erich Grädel, Richard Wilke, Matthias Hoelzel, Katrin Dannert, Benedikt Pago